Wholesale Financial Counselor Notebooks Available

Wholesale opportunities exist for enrolled agents, planners, broker dealers, credit unions, CUSO's, banks, CPA firms and other groups interested in bringing value added services to their members and clients. The NASD has reviewed the Financial Counselor Notebook. Turnkey marketing opportunities exist that include:

Customized Financial Counselor Notebooks
Co-branded and customized especially for your organization. What kind of logo do you have that brands you?

Bright and colorful customized brochures promote the concept and benefits of the Financial Counselor Notebook.

Lobby Displays
Brighten up your lobby with a display, brochures and a sample Financial Counselor Notebook. You’ll inspire interest from members and they’ll ask for help.

Do you have any registered representatives that can answer questions for members?

Do you have a debt group who can offer loans?

Do you have an insurance license?

Can you help members with cash flow management?

Can you help members make better decisions about money?

This is a system you will enjoy working with!
Compliance loves it. Let us show you how to build a block of business under management with your insurance license and securities license.

Direct Mail Inserts
"Always be Marketing!" Leading customers to this valuable product is easy.

Custom Website and E-Commerce Opportunities
Your complete Financial Counselor Notebook package includes a professional web presence, co-branded and customized for your customers, your credit union, or your financial practice firm.

Wholesale Financial Counselor Notebooks and Marketing Opportunities are available to you.

Financial professionals who wish to integrate the Financial Counselor Notebook into their practice or organization have access to a variety of professionally designed marketing support material. When you use this holistic financial planning approach, you will increase product sales and gather more assets and referrals!

Here are two typical FCN wholesale packages:

FIVE Financial Counselor Notebooks

-- Five FCN generic binders
-- FCN Excel software and instructions
-- Data Collection Package (pdf)
-- Client Interview Form (pdf)
-- Lobby Display Flyer

$400 (includes Shipping & Handling)


100 Financial Counselor Notebooks
-- 100 FCN binders
-- Two Lobby Display Stands
-- FCN Excel software and instructions
-- Custom Introduction Page provided
-- Forms: Data Collection Package (pdf)
Client Interview Form (pdf)
$5000 plus Shipping and Handling

Email us to assemble a custom package for your practice or organization

We offer complete custom graphic design, website and e-Commerce Solutions
We can Custom brand or co-brand your Financial Counselor Notebook program for your customers, organization or financial practice.

We welcome the opportunity to customize a FCN solution to fit your business. Include the Financial Counselor Notebook in your marketing budget! Email us for details. It brings value added services to your members, and relationships to your organization!

The Financial Counselor Notebook was created by Melissa Shaw, a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, and is used daily in professional financial practices across America. It is an essential tool for organizing and sharing financial information between spouses. It contains educational information as well as worksheets and exercises to help you win the "Money Game."

Additional services include training and teaching for your registered representatives and back office support with compliance guidelines.

Include the Financial Counselor Notebook in your marketing budget! Email us for details. It brings a value added services to your members, and relationships to your organization!

Marketing Opportunities